Increase Protein for Water Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, it is important to maintain a well balanced diet and include a high level of protein within the diet to maintain an adequate amount of water in the body. Remember, when an adequate level of water is retained within the body, the body is less likely to store water and therefore less likely to retain water weight.

Protein is important in the diet to ensure that the body is able to digest the food properly, but also process the liquids which are introduced into the body and therefore should be included in a healthy diet to ensure well balanced meals are adhered to.

Aside from protein, it is important to remember that many fruits and vegetables contain a high level of water. Through the high level of water which can be seen in these fruits, it can help to provide the body with the moisture that is necessary to reduce the amount of water that is retained within the body, that can lead to swelling and other types of retention (such as water weight gain). There are many fruits that contain a high level of water, these fruits include: watermelon and other types of melons, apples, oranges as well as grapes and most berries. Through the water levels that are found in the various fruits, this can complement the amount of water that has been consumed each day (a recommended eight glasses of water).

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