How Much Water Weight Can You Lose?

It can be simple to lose up to five pounds of water weight through as little as the first week of a diet. In some diet and weight loss programs, water weight can be easily lost and can be easily reduced through the course of the diet. Weight loss can be avoided through water weight gain, through the course of the weight loss program as an added benefit.

Why does Water Weight Loss Occur with a New Diet?
At the time that a new weight loss program is begun, water weight is often the first weight that can be lose with the new found changes in lifestyle. Most times, there are a few reasons in which water weight is the first type of weight that is lost, these include:

  • Water weight loss can occur within a new diet, as the foods that are being consumed in the diet are often lower in sodium, and therefore healthier, and can reduce the amount of water weight that is retained within the body.
  • A new weight loss program often includes an exercise program that is implemented into the program and therefore water weight can be lost this way. Through the exercise, moisture can be eliminated through the body in the process of transpiration and therefore the water within the body that is being retained as water weight can be easily reduced.
  • Individuals make a conscious effort to drink more water, therefore the body reduces the amount of retained water since the body is well hydrated and will not need to retain excess water.
There have been many diets that have been effective in reducing the amount of water weight gain and even weight loss programs that have been designed to reduce the amount of water weight within the body.

Diet Programs to Reduce Water Weight
What are some of the popular diets that have been created to reduce the water weight within the body?

Low carbohydrate diets are an effective way to reduce the water weight within the body, as the amount of sodium in the body becomes drastically reduced. Aside from the levels of sodium in the body which are greatly reduced, the caloric intake when it comes to a low carbohydrate diet often range between 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day which are consumed and low caloric, as well as low carbohydrate diets can help an individual to lose up to ten pounds per week.

The average amount of water weight which is lost through the course of a week through this type of diet is between five to seven pounds.

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